• DCH Meetings

    The objective of DCH Meetings is to link and group together high end professionals with Managerial functions in Human Resources under the same Organization.

  • Studies and Research

    One of the guidelines in the organization is making different studies and research, usually on annual basis, in conjunction with a university or business school which acts as a partner researcher.

  • European Sport and Healthy Companies Award

    Thanks to an agreement between DCH and ACES Europe- European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation, an acknowledgement will be awarded to the European Active and Healthy Company in the EU Parliament (Brussels) in the annual ceremony held in November, along with the European Capitals and Cities of Sport ceremony.

  • CEO DCH Award

    This is an annual event which will be held from DCH giving the Award to the president and/or managing director distinguished by their work in the Human Resources field.

  • Activities with collaborators

    Apart from the activities and meetings monthly organised by DCH, the organization has signed up agreements with other entities, universities, training centers and mass media for the development of initiatives of different nature.

  • Entertaining and sport activities

    Not only does DCH support debate forums by means of its meetings and technical conferences but also promotes entertaining activities for its associates to enjoy Sport Activities, Padel Tournaments or Afterworks.

  • HR Gala

    Technical consultant of The Ceremony. A professional and social meeting which is a referent in Spain within the human capital field. An event where all Human Resources meet and acknowledges the personal contribution of professionals to the field.

  • DCH Knowledge Ecosystem

    It is the first Human Resources knowledge ecosystem based on artificial intelligence.

  • HR Lunch

    Private and exclusive lunches for small groups of HR Managers where issues of interest for the field will be discussed by professionals. Top class lectures, idea swapping and networking.

  • The Human Resources Parliament

    The Human Resources Parliament arises as a meeting point for professionals of the field with the aim to be a forum for analysis and discussion around concerning topics for the well functioning of Human Resources.

  • DCH Meta4 HR Startup Award

    This initiative has the world of university as one of its fields, where we want to award innovative eagerness within the university community for those who study STEM and/or HR. The award is focused on the current Spanish Universities and Schools of Business community.