In collaboration with the main Universities and Business Schools in Latin America, DCH prepares a wide range of studies and research related to the Human Resources function with the aim of providing knowledge and serving as a tool for decision making by Human Capital Managers and their departments.

I Iberoamerican Barometer on the Implementation of Corporate Purpose

DCH, IESE Business School and the University of Navarra

Barometro Iberoamericano

The Ibero-American Barometer on the Implementation of Social Purpose aims to analyze social purpose in depth. This goes beyond the traditional mission and vision of a company, expressing the reason for its existence and activity. It integrates the expectations of society and stakeholders, transforming the way organizations perceive themselves and their role in today’s world.

DCH Talent Management Barometer

EAE Business School

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The objective of this research is to know the assessments that human capital managers of large Spanish and Latin American companies have about which are the most important projects and trends this year and in comparison to 2019, in order to have an x-ray of People Management in Spain and Latin America.

DCH Barometer on Digitization of the Human Resources Function

Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio Villanueva de la Cañada

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The DCH Barometer on the Digitization of the Human Resources Function surveys the degree of digitization of the different HR functions. It is a longitudinal study that aims to analyze over time the digital transformation process of HR departments.

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The DCH – Inserta Empleo Study on Talent Management in People with Disabilities seeks to find out how Spanish companies administer and manage the talent of people with disabilities. It is a research that aims to analyze whether Spanish companies exploit the talent of their employees with disabilities. The research has been motivated by the current situation, which allows us to visualize that, legally, the social inclusion of people with disabilities has been a challenge for all citizens and institutions. The legal provision to socially include people with disabilities begins to be applied in the workplace, and it is then when, through public policies, it is mandatory to comply with a 2% of workers with disabilities of the total number of employees of a company that has a minimum of 50 employees.

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In recent decades, women’s entry into the labor market has grown rapidly; however, their advancement in some spheres, such as the corporate world, has been slower. According to global data, the presidency of companies and top management is still mainly in the hands of men, an obviously unequal situation, considering the current conditions of women at the educational and social levels. Female leadership can be present in multiple spheres of society, such as politics, science and business, which have historically been masculinized.

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LLYC-DCH Talent Trends 2022 Report: 9 trends that will shape talent management

September 30th, 2022|

There is no doubt that the work model has been undergoing a permanent revolution in recent years. There were already signs of change before 2020, but with the arrival of the pandemic, the massive implementation of teleworking and the transformation of the priorities of professionals, this phenomenon has, to say the least, accelerated.

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