What is DCH?

DCH – International Organization of Human Capital Managers, is the largest global ecosystem of Human Resources Managers in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America. The Organization currently has more than 3,500 members belonging to large multinational companies and operates in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Central America, Caribbean, U.S.A. In Spain, DCH has more than 1,500 HR Directors associated.

What is DCH?

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  • In DCH there is no membership or periodic fee.
  • Be part of an exclusive group formed only by managers of DCH Human Resources departments.
  • Share experiences and best practices with HR managers from different countries, with a special focus on Europe and Latin America.
  • Have access to updated information and learn first-hand about the latest trends in the sector.
  • Free access to the Knowledge Ecosystem platform of the International Organization of Human Capital Managers, DCH.
  • Take advantage of an exclusive environment that allows you to create a valuable network of contacts among Human Capital Managers.
  • Have available a wide variety of services, benefits and activities organized by DCH.

Our Objetive

  1. Promote and develop the Human Capital Management field in organizations as well as the technical and social development of these functions.
  2. To facilitate the exchange of international experiences among Human Capital Managers from different countries.
  3. To inform and disseminate any initiative, trend or news related to the Human Resources sector to the members of DCH.

Purpose DCH

Developing people through the promotion of the human capital management function.

What do we offer our members?

Our organization of human resources managers, DCH, creates a space, online and physical,
that facilitates relationships between Human Capital Managers and Executives,
that generates debates and that offers an exchange of experiences of great professional value.
Periodically organize conferences, seminars and activities of interest to DCH Members.
Facilitate communication and cooperation between Human Capital Managers and Executives.
Generation of an International Knowledge Ecosystem for Human Capital Managers.

DCH offers its members activities in face-to-face, online and hybrid formats; meeting points designed with the objective of favoring the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experiences and best practices carried out by HR managers. Digitalization, Talent Management, Health and Wellness, the Future of Work, Learning and Development, HR Trends, are some of the topics addressed in our exclusive events for members of the association.

The workshops of the DCH Commissions are exclusive meetings for a small group of associates and are aimed at facilitating direct contact between attendees, participation and networking.

The fundamental objective of DCH is the development of the Human Resources management function in organizations and the generation of knowledge. To this end, through the International Centers, the organization articulates the different initiatives, activities and research focused on specific areas related to human capital:

HR Tech HUB: The global hub of human capital technology startups aims to drive and connect the most innovative initiatives in people management with investors and the corporate world.
The International Center for the Development of Young Talent is an initiative of DCH and OIJ – International Youth Organization for Ibero-America, which aims to support and promote the development of Young Talent in organizations, generate knowledge, share experiences and recognize good practices and policies that favor the development of young people in society.
DCH International Center for Women’s Leadership: The community of professional women that aims to develop women’s leadership in organizations.

One of the main objectives of DCH is the generation of knowledge, therefore, in collaboration with leading universities and business schools at international level, we prepare studies and research with the aim of analyzing issues related to the management of people such as Talent Management, Digitalization, Diversity and Inclusion, Learning and Development, among others.

The DCH Barometers are annual studies that allow us to analyze the situation and evolution of the Human Capital management function and establish comparisons between countries and geographical areas: one on Talent Management in collaboration with EAE Business School as a research partner, and another on Digitalization of the Human Resources Function in collaboration with the Alfonso X El Sabio University of Madrid.

In addition, the DCH White Papers collect best practices and recommendations in areas related to people management: Remote Work, Youth Employability, Senior Talent, Diversity Management, are some of the areas covered.

DCH continues its international development with the commitment to continue promoting the human capital management function in organizations and to generate knowledge and value for our associates and for society.

Would you like to become a member of DCH?

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