It is the biggest Professional Manager Human Resources Organization in Spain which provides Human Resources department managers with an environment where they can share experiences, knowledge and generate a high professional value network of contacts. DCH-International Organization of Human Capital Managers has over 1,000 associates.

DCH - International Organization of Human Capital Managers, offers a wide range of services and free attendance periodical activities where they will find a place whose main aim is to make the most of and get to know different techniques made by every Human Resources manager.

You can only become a DCH member if invited by another member.


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    • 1st

      In DCH there is no access or periodical fee.

    • 2nd

      Being part of an exclusive group whose members are only DCH Human Resources department managers.

    • 3rd

      Sharing experiences and improve methods with Human Resources managers from different countries, with especial focus on Europe and Latin America.

    • 4th

      Access to up-to-date information and firsthand knowledge about the latest tendencies in this field.

    • 5th

      Free access to the website International Knowledge Ecosystem for Human Capital Managers, DCH.

    • 6th

      Making the most of an exclusive environment which will allow you to create a high value network of contacts between Human Capital managers.

    • 7th

      Having a wide range of services, benefits and activities organised by DCH.

    Our aim

    1. To promote and develop the Human Capital management within the organizations, as well as the technical and social development of these functions.
    2. To provide with the exchange of international experiences between Human Capital managers from different countries.
    3. To inform and spread any initiative, tendency or news related to the field of Human Resources and members of the DCH.


    What do we offer to our members?

    • Our organization of human resources managers, creates a space, online and physical, which allows relationships between Human Capital Responsibles and Managers, generating discussions and offering the exchange of high professional value experiences.
    • Periodical meetings, seminars and activities of interest for DCH Members are organised.
    • We facilitate communication and cooperation between Human Capital Responsibles and Managers.
    • Generating an International Knowledge Ecosystem for Human Capital Managers.