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The main objective of this program is to show managers and senior HR professionals with little or no experience in AI its potential use and to teach them how to effectively use Generative AI and ChatGPT in their functions, improving the efficiency of the most common processes of the employee life cycle, promoting ethics in the use of AI and offering alternative solutions in case of manual use or partial integration.

ChatGPT AI generative HR

Thanks to this program, you will achieve:

✅ Mastering the HR Revolution.

✅ Unparalleled time savings

✅ Improving training efficiency

✅ Elite Talent Selection

✅ Ethics and Excellence in HR.


Artificial Intelligence, Your New Ally

  • Discover ChatGPT and other IAs: The latest innovation that will revolutionize your HR approach. Master the tools of the future.
  • Effective Dialogues with ChatGPT: Learn how to take advantage of prompts.
    Customized Commands for Precise Results.

Artificial Intelligence in Talent Attraction and Selection

  • Creation of job advertisements that stand out.
  • Review and analysis of CVs and profiles.
  • Generation of customized interview scripts.
  • Effortless Communication with Candidates.

ChatGPT in Training and Development

  • Design of onboarding processes with ChatGPT and generative IAs.
  • Identification of training needs with ChatGPT and IAs.
  • Design of customized training programs.
  • Learning content recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence in performance evaluation

  • Design (and automation) of performance evaluations with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Obtaining and analyzing performance feedback with Artificial Intelligence.

Ethics and Efficiency in the Use of Artificial Intelligence

  • Situations in which the use of ChatGPT and IAs is not recommended.
  • Ethical principles in the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Privacy and data protection in HR.

AI as a support for team management

  • AI design of high performance teams based on 360º member compatibility (peers and managers).
  • AI for managing team conflicts
  • Creation of procedures and optimization of tasks with AI.
  • AI applied to work-life balance, productivity and well-being: optimizing work-life balance.

Dates and schedule:

📅 January 31 through April 11
🕰️ 15:30-18:30

30 hours (1 weekly session of 3 hours)


Live Training

The training is conducted live and recorded for students to access and review for 3 more months.


Mentoring sessions

and online community of learners, collaborative learning, on the Facthum Campus.

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