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The transformation of Human Resources is a fact. This process of reinventing the function is based on the growing role at a strategic level and greater knowledge of people thanks to data analytics. The human capital management function faces a double challenge: leading the digital transformation of organizations and promoting the cultural change necessary to adapt to the new contexts.

DCH HR Academy was created to help and accompany HR professionals in this process of transformation of the role and function and evolve to the new reality. In collaboration with its Partners, Universities and International Business Schools, DCH offers HR professionals and their teams the most current and innovative training programs designed to boost Human Capital in organizations. Agile Methodologies, HR Analytics, Digital Transformation, Leadership, are some of the certifications that will allow you to grow with your organization.

Agile Human Capital Certification y Scrum Master

Learn about the different work frameworks: Scrum, Kanban, Lean, the importance of OKR’s, roles, teams and the agile leadership profile, all focused on HR.

HR Analytics Certification

Digital transformation is profoundly changing the future of work and human resources management. Technology gives us, in addition to other advantages, the advantage of having more data or information, and it is vital that we know how to analyze it in order to improve processes.

Organizaciones 10X

This program is aimed at human talent managers who want to develop leadership skills in digital transformation scenarios, based on the use of exponential technologies and the alignment of the life project with the professional development of each individual.

Finance for Human Resources Managers

HR managers are part of the management committee and therefore have to design, together with the rest of the members, the company’s strategy and set the strategic objectives to chart the path of the organization and for this purpose they must know the real situation of the company.

SLII – Leadership Program

SLII® Leadership is the leadership model used to train more than 5 million managers in the most respected organizations in the world. Giving your employees what they need, when they need it speeds up their development and increases productivity while creating a great workplace.


Certified programs with the guarantee of DCH, the largest international organization of Human Capital Managers.


Digital transformation is profoundly changing the future of work and human resource management.


Live Training Methodology

The best trainers and the most agile methodologies. Online and live trainings.


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