Inserta Empleo, Partner sponsor of the Commission of Cultural Integration and Diversity of DCH has hosted this Monday, January 14, the first breakfast of 2019 , with the title: “The employment of people with disabilities in the 21st century”, in which it has been concluded, among other issues, that it is essential for companies to support selection teams to understand disability and identify if there are additional barriers.

The meeting, presented by Virginia Carcedo, General Director of Insert Employment, has highlighted the role of this committee because with it they make available to the whole group that integrates the lessons learned, always taking into account that to include disability in the policies of diversity they need the collaboration of the companies, because alone, they do not go anywhere. Pilar Rojas, President of the Commission of Cultural Integration and Diversity of DCH and Head of Corporate Culture of Repsol, has exposed the details of its Integration and Diversity program at an international level.

Next, Pilar Rojas and Mar Medeiros, Director of the Insert Program of the ONCE Foundation, presented the results of the project that Repsol and Inserta Empleo have jointly carried out, aimed at the labor integration of people with disabilities. This meeting is the second held by the Diversity Committee created by both entities thanks to the signing of an agreement that aims to raise awareness among companies about the need to include people with disabilities in their workforce.

Pilar Rojas said that the key to such integration is to center the focus of recruitment on the acquisition of talent, beyond the legal provisions and quotas of each country.

Both Pilar Rojas and Mar Medeiros have put the results and experience of the project on the table, which have shown better productivity, adaptation and innovation rates in the type of solutions the company offers its clients . They emphasize that a project whose objective is the real integration of people with disabilities, it is necessary, in addition to support, the commitment of the different steering committees as promoters of the various plans, strategies and policies. Another important key is that the entire process must be based on a series of values ​​based on respect, equality of opportunities and efficiency.

This project includes, in addition to the selection, the training of people within the organization and the integration of work and communication procedures.

After the presentation of the results of this project, an exchange of experiences and questions has been developed in the form of a debate, in which the rest of the participants, from Konecta, Tragsa, KPMG, FCC, Campofrio Food Company, Cofares, La Liga, RTVE, have had the opportunity to contribute with their own approaches based on their current situation and their goals in this regard.