Facthum, Foro Recursos Humanos and WTC are holding “La Gala RRHH 2019” (HR Award Ceremony 2019), which will take place the next February 21st, 2019 at the Palace Hotel in Madrid.

Being held for the third time, “La Gala RRHH” has become a social and professional meeting point benchmark in Spain within the human capital field, honouring and highlighting relevant people in HR. The main HR leaders will meet at that event which, besides, will recognise this field’s professionals and their personal contribution to it.

It is an indispensable meeting point, exclusive for the 200 most remarkable managers in the world of Human Resources in Spain.

DCH technical consultant of the La Gala de RRHH 2019

“La Gala RRHH” was created around the “Who is who in HR” idea; a directory with over 15 years being published which has become the referent in Spain belonging to the field of managing people. The event will be supported by professionals owning a wide career in consulting and management in our country such as Juan Carlos Pérez Espinosa, Chairman at Facthum; Pedro García-Cano Salgado, Chairman & CEO at WTC; and Francisco García Cabello, founder and chairman at Foro Recursos Humanos, as well as having DCH-International Organization of Human Capitalas technical consultant.