If you are an active Human Capital Directors, you now have the opportunity to apply to be part of the most exclusive Human Resources ecosystem.

DCH is the largest international organization of HR Executives in Europe and Latin America with presence in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, USA, Brazil and Africa.

The objective of DCH is to connect and bring together Human Resources Managers to promote and develop the Human Capital management function, as well as the technical and social development of these functions.

In this way, DCH generates an international ecosystem of knowledge through technical activities, exchange of experiences, best practices and networking.

If you become a DCH Associate you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of being a member of the organization. First of all, there is no joining fee or membership fee. In addition, you will be part of an exclusive group formed only by managers of Human Resources departments.

You will also have the privilege of sharing experiences and best practices with HR managers from different countries, with a special focus on Latin America.

You will also have access to updated information and first-hand knowledge of the latest trends in the sector, as you will have free access to the Knowledge Ecosystem platform of the International Organization of Human Capital Managers, DCH.

In short, DCH creates a space, online and physical, that facilitates relationships between Human Capital Managers of the most representative companies in the countries in which it operates, organizing debates and offering an exchange of experiences of great professional value.

DCH is the largest association of HR managers in Southern Europe and is made up exclusively of active human capital managers from the main companies that make up the Spanish business fabric. DCH membership is free of charge and can only be accessed by personal invitation from another member.

We ask you to fill in the form. Once we receive the completed form, your application will be validated by the Board of Directors and you will receive confirmation of your acceptance and incorporation as a member of DCH, within approximately 15 days.

To become a DCH associate you must fill out the application form below.