DCH, DIRCOM Association of Directors of Communication and Corporate Excellence Center For Reputation Leadership, jointly, have celebrated the II HR & DIRCOM in the auditorium of Bankia, hosts of this event.

This event has provided the opportunity to receive and share the experience and knowledge of Human Resources and Communication Managers in their purest state.

After the welcome offered by Amalia Blanco, General Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of Bankia, Miguel López Quesada, President of Dircom Association of Communication Directors, Ángel Alloza CEO of Corparate Excellence Center for Reputation Leadership and Juan Carlos Pérez Espinosa, President of DCH International Organization of Directors of Human Capital, has begun, under the direction as Master of Ceremonies of Fernando Vargas, Project Director of the European School of Coaching, the main content of the event.

The first presentation, by Helen Baron, of the British Psychological Society, co-convener of the BPS Working Group on Assessment Center Standards, with his paper “Making assessment work for the organization”, introduced the essential elements so that, through the assessment as a tool, correctly understand the individual, the group and the organization, also achieving a perfect transmission of the business culture and the engagement of the people who compose it.

“At the time of selecting your team, Helen Baron stressed that decisions must be made with the correct data. There is the key to asking the right questions that give us the answers we need ”

The approaches of Helen Baron and the approaches to carry them out, open the door to collaborative actions between the Human Resources and Communication departments.

Carlos Rey, Director of the Chair of Addresses for Missions and Corporate Governance of the International University of Catalonia, with his lecture, focused on the “Importance of the purpose for Communication and the alignment of Corporate Culture”. In this sense, it states that companies with greater “purpose” obtain better economic results and profitability than companies with less “purpose”.

The high levels of profitability are obtained with the participation and commitment of the employees with the brand and the objectives of the company.

Taking as a model four styles of business culture: paternalistic, democratic, aggressive and competent, he concludes that the “competent” style, with a high degree of orientation towards the reinforcement of the social aspect, obtain the best economic returns.

After these two contributions of a technical nature, Fernando Vargas opened the dialogue between Human Resources and Communication directors, based on the strategies applied. Experiences and Knowledge in this select group of Directors.

The table, moderated by Helena Borrás, Expert in Organizational Culture for continuous transformation, was composed by, Amalia Blanco, General Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of Bankia, David López, Deputy General Director of People and Culture of Bankia, Purificación González Director of Communication and RR, EE in Movistar, José María Pestaña, Chief of Resources Officer of Movistar, Susana Posada, Responsible for Corporate Communication and Responsible Business of Leroy Merlin and, Ana Belén Rodríguez, Director of Talent Attraction of Leroy Merlin.

David López and Amalia Blanco, stressed that the challenge is to achieve transformation through collaboration and communication, essential to transmit an attractive image to society and the market.

In the success of the transformation of their company, they were clear that they had to put the employee in the center, because by achieving this, they would obtain the loyalty of the clients.

Susana Posada and Ana Belén Rodríguez explain that, in Leroy Merlin. Communication and People Management have always worked together, developing strategies in continuous evolution.

Their goal is to be loved by people, not only for what they do, but for how they do it.

This is achieved by transmitting a series of values, internally, that the client ends up making his own.

José María Pestaña and Purificación González, have exposed, in an open way, their intense experience of integration of two companies, faced from the humility of the recognition of the qualities, talent and experience of each of the parties.

To achieve this, in such a successful way, they have had to establish open and transparent communication channels. “In the process of transforming Movistar, Recursos Hmanos and Comunicación we have worked so that employees were the main ambassadors of our brand. We have always been a team and we only conceive it that way “.

In short, a HR & DIRCOM of high quality, with keynote speeches and the important contributions of senior managers in the field of Human Resources and Communication.




International Organization of Human Capital Directors – DCH

DCH – International Organization of Human Capital Directors is the largest ecosystem of RR managers. HH of Spain, formed by more than 1000 associates. Its main objective is to develop the whole area concerning the directive area of ​​human capital in organizations and associations.

To do this, it facilitates the exchange of experiences between Human Capital Directors of different countries and informs all its members about any initiative or news related to Human Resources.

Association of Communication Managers – Dircom

Dircom is the professional association that groups in Spain the managers and professionals of the Communication of companies, institutions and consultants.

Founded in 1992, its vision is to value the role of communication and the director of communication in organizations in such a way that said competence and its managers are considered as a strategic area and manager.

Currently, it has more than 1,000 members and 8 delegations in Aragón, Canarias, Castilla y León, Catalunya, Galicia, Comunitat Valenciana and Región Murcia, North and Andalusia.

Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership

Business foundation created by large companies to professionalize strategic and integrated management of key intangibles such as reputation, brand, communication, responsible business, good governance, public affairs, talent and metrics. Its mission is to be the engine that leads and consolidates the professional management of intangibles as a strategic resource that guides and builds value for companies around the world. Board of Trustees: BBVA, CaixaBank, Naturgy, Iberdrola, Santander and Telefónica. Collaborating companies: Abertis, Bankia, Bankinter, Cepsa, Cemex, Damm, DKV Medical Insurance, El Corte Inglés, Gestamp, Ibercaja, MAPFRE, Leroy Merlin, Quirón Salud, Suez Spain and Grupo Volkswagen.