ehca 2023

Thanks to the agreement signed between DCH and ACES Europe, the recognition of the International Healthy and Sporting Company has been awarded since 2016 at the European Parliament (Brussels) at the gala held annually, coinciding with the presentation of the European Capitals and Cities of Sport Award. This award, which from 2023 evolves its format to become a certification, recognizes companies that have deployed healthy policies to promote physical activity and health among their employees.

In addition to the recognition, the certification implies an improvement by the company of the initiatives it has already implemented, for a period of three years. At the end of this period, the Award Evaluation Committee will re-evaluate its candidacy to recognize the additional effort made by the company. These are the requirements:

  • Have a clear commitment to sport, physical activity and employee health.
  • Delivery of the requested documentation in three fundamental aspects, Health, Sports and Psychosocial Health.



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