DCH has held at the IESE in Madrid the Encuentro DCH Diálogos entre CEOs y Directivos de Recursos Humanos (DCH Discussion between CEOs and HR Managers). During this event, it also took place the IV CEO DCH Award to Excellence in Managing People, whose winner this year was Silvio González, CEO at Atresmedia.

CEOs’ demands from HR

The session had two discussion tables, the first one made up by CEOs and moderated by Telva Arroyo, HR Head in South Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa at OTIS, also participating Alejandro Lafarga, CEO at Madrileña Red de Gas, Manuel del Pino, Managing Director at Schüco Iberia and Óscar Herencia, General Manager at MetLife Spain & Portugal. Telva Arroyo asked them different questions in order to know what CEOS demand from HR managing directors. Alejandro Lafarga commented that, to him, talent is surprise and being positive. Manuel del Pino highlighted that the Human Resources manager must have the ability of good coaching whenever things get tough. Óscar Herencia pointed out his company measures their HR department ROIwith intangible like realising people are happy and are accepted.


HR answers

The second discussion table was made up by HR managers like Juan de Mora, CEO at People First Desigual, Jose Luis Risco, Human Resources Director at EY, Jorge Calviño, Director of Human Resources at Alain Affelou España and moderated by Ángeles Alarcó, former President of Paradores, who claimed that in a healthy company, the CEO’s attitude is indispensable, apart from motivating their team and giving the right responsibilities. Jorge Calviño pointed that HR Directors never achieve the Managing Board, they have never been invited to that party. “It’s high time they walk into the dance floor and dance with the others” he added. Juan de Mora said  “People First is more than a name in Desigual, it’s a culture, a way of doing things”.



IV CEO DCH Award for Excellence in Managing People

Next, the IV CEO DCH Award for Excellence in Managing People was given, this year to Silvio González, CEO at Atresmedia, and he was interviewed by the Directors of the main mass media specialised in Human Resources: Fran García Cabello, Director at  Foro de Recursos Humanos, Jose Antonio Carazo, Director at Capital Humano and Mónica Gálvez, Director of contents at Equipos y Talento.

Being coherent, exemplary and fair, are the keys for Silvio Gonzalez to manage people, and also pointed out the importance of always saying the truth, which are the necessary features in order to deal with people.


The event was closed by Marina Camón, Director at Executive Education Open Programs Madrid and Juan Carlos Pérez Espinosa, President at DCH, who announced a recent collaboration with Club CEO España, that DCH has over a thousand associates, and reminded the guests the last DCH event  of the year which will be the ceremony of the European Sport and Healthy Company Award on December 4th in Brussels.