Last November 29th, DCH organised its first work breakfast in Barcelona, sponsored by its partner Up Spain, at Casa Fuster; a place in the center of Barcelona which invites to critical reflection and sharing experiences.

Customer experience

Joaquim Rubio, Chairman at Recursos Humanos in Vetland and DCH Delegate in Cataluña, opened the breakfast introducing the concept of productivity in relation with the value provided to the customer and their relationship with the EPTC model: employee working with processes, supported by technology, with the aim of giving an excellent customer experience.

Productivity improvement

In the later discussion, it was highlighted the importance of placing the customer in the center of the projects, without forgetting that the employee is the one who delivers the customer service, the importance of having good teams and people to delegate to, as well as the fact that the improvement in productivity is undoubtedly linked to making changes, and thus, resistance to change must be overcome.

During the breakfast, several managers from HR at APM Terminals, Montaner Asociados, ISDIN, Nissan, Mutua de Propietarios, Baker McKenzie y Museo MACBA and Up Spain, among other companies, shared their experiences.

Pilar Jiménez, Human Resources & Communications at APM Terminals, explained the complexity of working with external workforce. Susana Roselló, chairwoman at Headhunting y Selección de Montaner Asociados, highlighted the importance of having some deep knowledge of the value chainand where the margin is generated. Aurea Benito, Corporate HR Director at ISDIN, emphasised the need for changing the paradigm and introducing the concept of the facilitator.

Regarding Alfonso Díez, Alliance General Manager- Global Digital Human Resources at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, spoke about the importance of digitalization.  José Antonio Ogazón, Manager at Personas y Talento de Mutua de Propietarios, linked the concept of the facilitator with the importance of transversality. Silvia Forés, Human Resources Director at Baker McKenzie Barcelona, pointed out the relevance for us to make people understand what we want. Imma López, Director at Management y Organización of the MACBA Museum, highlighted how relevant is to have quality in the management as well as in teams.

Further DCH Breakfast in Barcelona

From this breakfast onwards, the idea is to hold it every 3 months further DCH Breakfast in Barcelona so as to share experiences between companies and Human Resources managers.